LassI am 32 years old. I’m married to the most wonderful, romantic and biggest-Superman-fan on earth, Nick. I have two fantastic children, Zed aged 11 and Elle aged 8. We have two crazy dogs and two one sad and lonely fish on the side.

 This will be my training journal for my next endeavor, the NYC ING Marathon. NYC will be my third marathon. My first was the Nike Women’s Marathon, and the second was the Dallas White Rock Marathon. I’ve run various other races from 5K on up, and several trail running events. I’m also not fast. My best marathon time is 5:34:51. But I do it because it’s a challenge for me.

My main digs are at Interstellar Adventures. You can also read my writing blatherings over at Naked Blathering.

My interests include: Running, mountain biking, adventure racing, volleyball, tennis, golf, friends, poker, martinis, movies, music, dancing, swimming, pool, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, theater, ballet, musicals, museums, ANYTHING!