Tonight I finally ran the entire workout. Well, did a 5:1 run for 25 minutes with 4×1 minute pickups. And the pace reflected the running and the picking up. My legs did cramp a little, but it wasn’t bad enough to make me stop.

I definitely felt the pace. I did briefly feel that I was going to throw up. I still have never puked because of running. But what doesn’t kill you make you puke only makes you stronger. Tonight’s total average pace was 13:22. More than one full minute faster than previous average paces. Average running pace was 12:44. I love my Garmin (rockin’ it old school with the 201) and all the little breakdowns it can do. I still don’t take advantage of all the features, but I’m learning.

“Hunker down, keep your eyes fixed ahead, and run like hell.”
Paul Spangler, runner who set 85 national age-group records