Yesterday I developed a killer headache after lunch. I felt slightly sick, so I came home to lay down for a bit before I went to my running class. I didn’t end up making it to my running class. Even after my nap I felt a little pukey. But I didn’t feel too bad because I knew I could go to another Run On store to make up my run. But I didn’t make it there either. I did, however go to the gym and complete my run on the dreadmill.

And I’m glad I went to the gym, because it’s been about a month since I’ve been there. And, they’ve reworked the group class schedule and have added two early-morning classes, 5:30-6:30 on Tuesday & Thursday. One is a strength training class and the other is a pilates/yoga class. Strength AND flexibility. Perfect. That is until it conflicts with marathon class training in June. But then I can switch back to the PM classes.

On Friday I submitted my guaranteed entry to NYC. I guess they make guaranteed entry commit earlier so they know how many lottery positions they can open. Anyone wanna join me? C’mon. It’ll be fun!