Tonight we added 5-30 second pick-ups to our 20 minute run. It was the last scheduled 20 minute run of the class. We actually ended up doing 25 minutes. Instead of running on the street, we ran on the track. My Garmin croaked, so I don’t have an accurate count of the number of miles we did, but based on our previous pace and the increased pace tonight, I think we did about 1.8 miles.

On Monday night, my legs were hurting from my ankles about up to mid-calf. Tonight during the first part of the run, they got sore again. Then, when we started the pick-ups on the track and I ran faster, they didn’t hurt as much! That’s a strange solution…run faster. Whatever works…

“If you race merely for the tributes from others, you will be at the mercy of their expectations.”

Scott Tinley, triathlete and author