I saw this article today on MSN. Oh if only it were that easy. And the thing that gets me, is this whole article is an oxymoron. Those who are overweight, however, tend to be preoccupied by it. Yes! And if I follow the 8 tips in this article, I’m still preoccupied by it! But hey, if I’m preoccupied by it anyway, why not be preoccupied over these 8 tips. Sheesh.

I am going to the Run On store on my way home and registering for the Running 101 class.

My foot is still sore. Just the outside part of it. I’ve done some reading, and I think it may have been a slight ankle sprain, but also possibly a slight tendon strain. So, I will continue to wrap, ice, and heat. If it gets worse I will rest a bit more. But I am not going to not train.